Top Dog Law Announces The Opening of Its New Bronx Office

Aug 28, 2023

Bronx, New York – Top Dog Law Personal Injury Lawyers, a widely respected firm for its relentless pursuit of justice for personal injury victims, is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion with a new office in The Bronx, New York. This step strengthens the firm’s footprint and allows it to better serve New Yorkers in need of legal representation.

Top Dog Law’s founder and principal attorney, James Helm, has established a reputation as an assertive and tenacious personal injury lawyer who fights to get clients top dollar for the injuries and losses they suffered due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. He’s excited to bring this same level of tenacity and excellence to the Bronx.

Top Dog Law’s reputation for steadfast commitment to justice and tenacity in the face of complex legal situations is recognized across the country. The firm’s move to establish a presence in The Bronx is a testament to its dedication to ensuring accessibility of quality legal services for residents in this spirited and diverse borough.

The new Bronx office is adept at handling an extensive range of personal injury cases. These include auto accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and premises liability. The attorneys at this location maintain the firm’s tradition of robust litigation, guaranteeing that every client receives vigorous representation and that we pursue every case with unwavering resolve.

The decision to expand into The Bronx also illustrates Top Dog Law’s commitment to community engagement and grassroots-level service for New Yorkers. Apart from providing legal services, the new office will also offer free consultations. This aligns with the firm’s goal of educating the public about their legal rights.

The expansion of Top Dog Law into The Bronx clearly indicates their dedication to pay heed to individual cases. Clients, both old and new, can anticipate the same level of excellence, legal experience, and personalized attention that has become a hallmark of Top Dog Law Personal Injury Lawyers.

The firm’s core values of integrity, tenacity, and compassion come to this new location. These values, paired with an unwavering commitment to justice, make TopDog Law a formidable force in personal injury law.

Finally, this expansion is more than just growth, it reaffirms Top Dog Law’s commitment to broaden its reach and reinforce its mission to stand up for victims of personal injury everywhere. The new office in The Bronx represents a staunch commitment to serve and empower the community, further cementing Top Dog Law’s reputation as a champion of justice. This strategic expansion promises to bring the firm’s commendable legal services closer to residents of The Bronx, ensuring that quality legal representation is within the grasp of those who need it most.

Top Dog Law Personal Injury Lawyers is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm. The law firm has offices throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland, and it serves several key metros across the United States, including Chicago, Memphis, New York, and Atlanta. Their lawyers strive to get top dollar for their clients, and they have an unrelenting drive to provide the highest level of legal representation possible. For more information, visit

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